lauantai 30. maaliskuuta 2013

This is where we belong

Crying people are beautiful. Say whatever you want. They are.

On a certain level, I understand mass murderers and spree killers. I think most people do sometimes. When I'm angry and tired and desperate, I do find comfort in the idea of just simply going and making bad people suffer tremendously. But would I actually do something like that? Would I go and torture or kill someone? No. Never. Or maybe I would if there was NOTHING else left to do, but generally I'm a nonviolent person. Violence wouldn't help anyone. It would only make the bad guys seem like the Good Guys, and the good guys seem like the Bad Guys.

But maybe, maybe it would be a good thing if someone (not me, but someone) went on crusade and murdered every bully on this planet, every evil idiot, every evil coward, the people who made those Arla Ingman commercials where a bunch of cows stand on an imaginery paradise-like meadow and moo: "ARLA INGMAN! OOH, ARLA INGMAN! IT'S SO NATURAL!" [like people in a concentration camp singing: "Thank you! This is where we belong!"], most politicians, most CEO's, Kanye West... and who else... Well, anyway. After this bloody killing spree there wouldn't be too many people left on the planet. Lisa Simpson perhaps. Possibly Ellen DeGeneres. Nelson Mandela. Perhaps, perhaps.

That world with a population of 3 would probably be a better place than this world we're living in. But we'll never see that world. Quite simply because when that world comes, we'll be lying on the asphalt in huge pools of blood.

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