maanantai 12. tammikuuta 2015

Being poor makes people unhappy, but being rich doesn't make people happy.

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  1. Sometimes when I google random sentences I find Google books that people have simply written and put on the Internet. Stuff that nobody ever reads. It's exciting. I just spent 10 minutes reading an erotic novel from 2009 named "Pinky's Revenge" written by "Eric Stapperday".

  2. I am happy! clap along if you feel like Osama bin Laden blamed for terrorism without any real concrete proof-A!

  3. How much money affects our happiness depends on how much we value money. It's not a question of being poor or rich. And what happiness even is?

    1. To a certain extent, that is very true.

      But when you're so poor that every thought revolves around whether you're going to lose your home or be able to buy food, or whether you're going to be able to treat your illness, things get more complicated. Of course, for most of us life is not that hard.

      I don't know what happiness is... But I know that unhappiness is a lot easier for humans.