tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2014

Daniel Johnston.

Today I watched The Snowman, and my father told me how he found his father after his father had killed himself. There is sorrow in endings.

I had a dream where I was supposed to spend one night in a little house surrounded by darkness. I don't know exactly what the house was, or where it was, but it was somewhere in the countryside. I was almost too terrified to look out the window, but when I did, I saw two people approaching the house in the darkness. For some inexplicable reason, I opened the front door and watched as they came nearer. Soon they were standing in front of me and wanted to come in. I knew that horrible things would happen if I let them in, so I told them no. The more aggressive man started fighting his way in, so I had to push him back. He ended up falling, somehow breaking the back of his head. Later it turns out that the aggressive man was Daniel Johnston, and after the incident he'd actually drawn a picture where a hugely muscular person (me, apparently) was ruthlessly beating him up. He was going to show the picture to the police as a piece of evidence.

3 kommenttia:

  1. i'd really like to meet your father.

    although it'd be fucking awkward.

  2. also, you just woke me up. i'll try to get down to the street for some bear with you. beer with me.

    your dreams always contain interesting things i like to play around in my head with for some kitchen psychoanalysis. ha.

    1. It could be awkward, but not necessarily, and really, what isn't awkward.

      I want to hear some of that kitchen psychoanalysis! I'm waiting