keskiviikko 15. toukokuuta 2013


And then we go inside and we gravely eat the stones...

Why do some people approximately my age call themselves 'men' and 'women'? That's fucking horrible. You are children, enjoy the fact and stop killing yourselves. If I suddenly decided to call myself a 'man', everybody within hearing distance would die from laughter. And that's how it should be. (If I decided to call myself a woman, they'd howl like whales.)

I love this time of the year. SPRING = HOPE. That's a fact, right? 'Spring' is a synonyme for 'hope'. Everybody knows it, but no one ever talks about it, right?

I love everything at this very moment. I feel happy. I feel HAPPY.

Last night I stared into a closed hairdressing salon and there was a mirror inside, and suddenly I realized that I actually liked my face. I look alright. I'm not ugly at all. I'm a nice looking Justin. What?

I look like young Leonardo DiCaprio and nobody's ever kissed me. How can that be? I don't get it. Isn't Leonardo DiCaprio generally considered quite attractive?


Like, I just don't get it. Where are you? I should have a huge crowd of lovers.
Like, what's the problem here?

I'm waiting for you, you know.

Come and get me.

I love everything. I love my future. Am I really writing these sentences? Yes. I love everything. I love this moment. I'm writing in front of a window and I see the morning taking over the sky. I love this moment.

Last night I wandered around the empty streets of Helsinki and suddenly I had to stop and realize how happy I was.

Soon I'll be able to step out and live.

You should be happy for me. Be happy for me.

I guess the main reason for this frightening joy is the fact that I've written. I've written quite a lot. And I feel I've finally been able to CATCH the goddamn FIRE I always dreamt of. THE GODDAMN FIRE.

This won't last forever. Tomorrow may be different.

But this moment is beautiful. Be happy for me.


Once again, I've spent the night with randomish music.

First, I finally rediscovered a song that served as a part of the soundtrack of My Depressed January of 2012. I had forgotten the name of the song and the name of the artist, but, strangely, here it is again, Zoë Keating - Escape Artist:

And, then, I spent a while smiling with Satin Circus:

They are a bunch of young Finnish boys possibly about to Make It Big. I found them today, and then I went through their vlog posts.

There is nothing deep to them. Absolutely nothing. And that's why I like them this morning. I think that they're great. They seem happy and easy and kind and... happy........ That's enough for me. Maybe that's how it should always be. Enough.

If they do make it big, a lot of jealous people are gonna hate them. But I'll like them 'til I get a reason not to. Wohoo!

 Btw, the summer of 2009 was a beautiful summer:

Fuck yeah! Smak rulez!!!

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  1. More than 2 years later, I feel the need to return to this post and clarify this: _I don't actually think that I look like Leonardo DiCaprio._ It's an old joke from many years ago (because I had a similar haircut) that I keep repeating because I think it's amusing.

    Recently I realized that people have probably taken it seriously and felt sorry for me, and I felt a wave of shame and horror crash over me.